What is CARE-MND?

The CARE-MND platform integrates clinical care, audit, research and evaluation to provide ongoing comprehensive monitoring of every person living with MND in Scotland.

“CARE” stands for “Clinical Audit Research Evaluation”. Find out more…



People with MND in Scotland will be allocated an MND Clinical Specialist at the point of diagnosis.

The MND Clinical Specialist is ideally placed to ensure a proactive approach in the delivery of timely advice and support for patient-centred care. They are a point of reference, support and guidance.

We aim for patients and families to value the stability and depth of personal and consistent expert contact offered by their Clinical Specialist.

Patients will also be appointed to their nearest multi-disciplinary clinic, which is led by their regional MND specialist who knows and understand the condition.

To find contact details for the Clinical Specialists in your area, visit Who is My Clinical Specialist?

The CARE-MND team in November 2016. Image courtesy of MND Scotland.

Scotland’s MND Clinical Specialists, November 2016. Image courtesy of MND Scotland.


The CARE-MND platform enables continuous audit of clinical service delivery in Scotland against benchmark standards such as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines for MND.

This ensures continuous improvement in the quality of service provided to people with MND.


Please Register your Interest in research to give permission for one of the team to contact you.

To find out more about research projects you can get involved in, visit our Research studies page.


We will take responsibility in Scotland for the development of a national strategic approach to delivering services to people affected by MND, through clinical leadership, ongoing continuous professional development and training.

We will ensure that Scotland has first class evidence-based care for people living with MND.